The Right Man

at the Right Time!

Thank you for visiting my campaign website.  I believe God prepared me through my life experiences to be ready to serve at this time in our State and Nation's history.

If you are tired of electing politicians who spend money we don't have burdening our families, children and grandchildren with huge debt and reducing our ability to provide services due to interest payments on the debt - I am your man.

If you are tired of electing politicians who ignore the will of the people they are supposed to represent, seeming to care more about party or special interest groups than they do what is the right - I am your man.

If you want a family man who cares about children, community, financial stewardship, I am your man.

The many friends, colleagues, staff, legislators, business leaders, plus current and former students who have encouraged me and offered to help in any way they can have been such a blessing.  I know how busy people are and how hard it is to make ends meet in this economy.  It is humbling to see people give sacrificially of their time and money because they care about our State and local communities and believe I will represent their values once elected.

I need all the help I can get so if you have some time please complete my Volunteer form by clicking the "Volunteer button" to the right.

I could also use your financial support.  Any amount will help so if you can spare a few dollars to help I would greatly appreciate it.  Giving is easy, simply click on the "Contribute button" to the right.

Rest assured that as I have throughout my life and career I will be a very good steward of your money whether that is managing how we spend tax dollars after elected or how I spend donations during the campaign.  The results of the primary are one more example where my tendency is to look for ways to get results while reducing spending.  I won more democratic votes than any other candidate at a lower investment per vote.  The same is true of how I have managed public funds at Valley View where we consistently are rated in the top districts in the state for getting the best results at the lowest cost per student.

I appreciate your support and am looking forward to serving your interests and values in the Arkansas State House of Representatives and putting my conservative approach to spending to work for you.

Committee to Elect Radius Baker
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